Autonomous Treasurer

Transforming Corporate Treasury

Our Solution

Cashlobe is a Fintech company developing an Autonomous Treasurer platform to assist corporate treasurers and company directors manage their transactional financial activities in a simple, efficient, and intuitive manner.

Our Value Proposition

• Cash flow and working capital forecast
• Borrowing and investments  analysis
• Foreign exchange risk analysis
• Finance and banking costs analysis

• Comparison to benchmark fair pricing 
• Replaces manual tasks
• Saves time
• Reduces laborious tasks

Autonomous Treasurer

Transforming Corporate Treasury Operations 
Keeping it Simple, Intuitive, Transparent

Embracing Cloud-based technology, Artificial Intelligence and Smart Algorithms, Cashlobe eliminates long and complicated integration processes and is able to monitor  domestic and international transactions

End to End platform

We own the full value chain

Not Fiction

Our Technology

Cashlobe is building a smart, best in class and regulatory compliant data extraction and storage mechanism. Its data extraction engine will enable interfacing with any of the global financial institution’s digital interfaces to extract the financial data such as transactions, balances and also data from accounting software. The extractor will be equipped to also interface with open source data providers to extract the global economic indicators.

Our AI algorithms will analyse historic financial transactions and build a unique corporate profile for each of our customers. Using this corporate profile, Cashlobe’s technology will predict and provide prescriptive guidance to the corporate users for efficient handling of their finances and treasury activities.


The Three Pillars of
our Technology Platform

Universal Extractor

Data Aggregation

Open Banking APIs

Direct Bank APIs

ERP Integration

Accountancy Integration

Raw Data – CSV, PDF

Economic Indicators

Open Data sources


Classification Algorithm
Transaction Analysis

Cash Flow Forecast

Corporate Profiling

Transaction Prediction

Deal Reports

Corporate Dashboard

dEal prediction

Autonomous Bot

Deal Prescription

Price comparison

Cashlobe Dashboard

Our Smart tool will handle most corporate treasury day to day transactions:

  • Cash Management and Cash Flow analysis
  • Financing analysis
  • Forex risk analysis
  • Working Capital analysis

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