Simple, Intuitive, Transparent

Our goal is to assist our clients to improve their financial management and treasury operations resulting in demonstrable cost savings. Our Products portfolio will include  the following set of Products:

Universal Extractor

We are developing a simple, intuitive and transparent tool, which is able to seamlessly extract relevant financial data such as bank statements, revenues, expenses, account payables, account receivables, collections, payments, debt, investments, foreign exchange conversions, working capital from multiple financial systems such as banks APIs, OpenBanking, accounting systems, ERPs and other sources. We also aggregate data from the open data sources such as prevailing FX rates, deposit rates, market indicators like the GDP, employment rates and others. With our smart algorithms, we are able to auto classify, analyse, compare and profile our client’s financial activities and transactions.


We are developing a Smart FX Agent that is able to identify  visible and “invisible” foreign exchange transactions and compare them to the fair historical rate with an auto-dispute resolution module if the executed rate has not met best execution standards. In addition, our smart algorithms are able to ‘profile’ clients’ foreign exchange activities and  predict future transactions. 


Idle cash is someone else’s opportunity. Experience shows that companies tend to leave idle cash in their current account in anticipation to make payments. We are developing a Smart-Cash Agent that will able to profile cash-flow cycles, identify core cash balances which are not used and calculate opportunity costs.


Companies will often require working capital. The choices will generally be overdrafts, short term facilities, credit card facilities, invoice factoring & discounting, peer-to-peer lending, asset-backed finance and other similar options. 

We are developing a Smart-Funding Agent that is designed to identify historical financing transactions and benchmark their pricing, as well as forecast borrowing requirements.

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