Real-Time Data & Smart Insights.


Functional View

Meet your new companion

Finance and Accounting Systems

Smart connector to popular cloud-based accounting & finance systems.

Client Portfolio Listing

Provides a list of all your connected clients and an overview of their financial position and risk metrics.

Client Dashboard

Detailed and granular client specific data including key performance indicators, early warning signs and smart insights.

Financial Management

Detailed financial reports such as Cash flow, Income Statement and Balance Sheet reports as well as financial ratios.

Vitality Reporting

Detailed governance, conduct and compliance indicators.

Our Value Proposition

Instant Onboarding

Automated and smooth onboarding experience.

Reduce Client Friction

A simple, intuitive and friendly UX improving the client journey.

Seamless Connectivity

Simple and Secure connection to finance and accounting systems.

Faster & Smarter Decisions

Access to relevant and complete real time data enables faster and sharper decisions.

Business Opportunities Monitor

Smart personalized Insight tools that highlight future situations and activities.

Real Time Credit Metrics

Real-time and forward looking metrics, detection of potential credit issues.

Secure & Compliant Implementation

Consent framework, GDPR compliant, role based permissions and MFA.

Understand Risks Better

Robust evaluation models that help users discover potential pitfalls.


Customizable depending on the extent of risk assessment required. Below plans can be adopted based on the frequency of the reports needed


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